The Water Heater ( Up Exhaust) 120 VAC Element

The Water Heater ( Up Exhaust) 120 VAC Element

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33000 The Water Heater ( Up Exhaust) 120 VAC Element

The WATERHEATER by ITR is a quiet and efficient diesel fired continuous output potable water heater. The diesel burner provides 35,000 TRUE OUTPUT™ BTU for continuous hot water output and has an internal mixing valve to set your preferred hot water temperature.

The WATERHEATER includes a 1500W electric immersion element providing an extra 5000 BTU for supplemental heat when on shore power and a 5.5 US gallon (20 liter) coolant tank capacity to make best use of this electric element to store its heat.

The WATERHEATER features a stainless steel 300 PSI welded tank, stainless steel outer case and high temperature stainless burner.

The WATERHEATER uses ITR’s patented “no-smell, no-smoke” burner platform. This proven technology is quiet, and clean-burning, and improves safety and efficiency, while also lengthening system maintenance cycles.

Diesel Burner TRUE OUTPUT
35,000 BTU
Auxiliary Electrical Heat
1 x 1500 watt element (5,000 BTU)
Burner Design
Proprietary ITR low pressure system
Continuous Water Temperature & Flow Rate
120 °F @ 1 GPM
Continuous Temperature Rise (ΔT) of Incoming Potable Water
65 °F
Touch Screen Remote Interface
Coolant Tank Capacity
5.5 gallons
Fuel Consumption (continuous running)
0.34 gallons/hour
System Voltage
12 VDC
Amperage Draw (running)
6.5 Amps
Water Connection
1/2” NPT
Exaust Outlet Connection
1.5” Pipe
14” W x 14” H x 24” L
Weight (empty/full):
75 lbs / 124 lbs